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I took up tattooing in 1996.
In 2007, I defended my master’s thesis “The Ornament in Tattoo”, which undoubtedly broadened my knowledge in this area.
I do only author’s tattoos. Since such tattoos fit the place on the customer’s body and reflect their personality and individual needs, they are truly unique. Each tattoo session follows a discussion about the motif. Together with the customer, we define all the expectations, design, and details. I specialise in the freehand technique, using special pens to transfer the design from somebody’s mind onto their skin. The customer can choose whether to have the tattoo done in drawing, painting, or fine art style.
In 2008, an idea occurred to me to create my designs in my own drawing technique. This is how my ‘phormicks’ were born. They are unique drawings made using colour pencils inspired by my graduation painting style based on geometric abstraction. Composed entirely of geometric shapes, phormicks can be characterised by appropriate arrangement, balance of colour, and simplicity of forms and motifs. Each phormick has a title and refers to a specific topic. I’ve created more than 300 phormicks so far and I’m glad I had the pleasure to transfer some of them on my customers’ skin. I offer significant price discounts on phormick style tattoos. It’s a pleasure for me to tattoo them, and there is no topic that couldn’t be phormicked. But it does not mean that I do all other tattoos without pleasure… I always put all my heart and soul in all I do.
I never copy works of other tattoo artists! Be kind enough and DO NOT COPY my works. Each tattoo is done once only, which makes you an owner of a unique piece. My website and Facebook profile site show only a few of my tattoos. All designs, drawings, paintings, and photos of my tattoos are available in my studio.

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