Well, basically I live in Warsaw, but I’ve retained strong ties with my hometown Spała. This is why I decided to have two studios in two places.
Spała, located 60 km from Łódź and 110 km from Warsaw, is the primary location of GEPAS ART&TATTOO. The studio is housed in a beautiful historic building built in 1890 in the heart of Spała, on Mościckiego Street. This is a quiet area surrounded by the Landscape Park forests and next to the Baroque park.

The other studio housed in Warsaw (Ursynów), on Małcużyńskiego Street.

Since I take utmost care to work in a comfortable and customer-friendly environment, my studios ARE NOT places where you can just drop by without prior notice. First, we need to arrange your visit by phone or email.
For consultation, please contact me by phone or email only. Personal consultations to talk details are possible for booked customers.

Preferably by phone.
I’m available from 10 am to 9 pm.
If I can’t answer your phone, I’ll call you back. But if it happens that I miss your call, then please call me again.

Next, you email ma (gepas@gepas.pl) a detailed description of your tattoo which should include the following:
– preferred location (Warsaw or Spała);
– motif (you can use a keyword e.g. bird, anchor, ornament, flower, roots, portrait, etc.);
– tattoo location on your body (left calf outside, right forearm inside, etc.);
– approximate size in cm;
– full colour or black tattoo;
– your phone number.
For a better explanation, you can also send some pictures showing your preferred style.

The subject of your email should include words in the following order: studio location, motif, place on your body (e.g.: Warsaw, phormick angel + clouds, left forearm).

Remember to use the Reply-To email functionality to keep the threading of our email exchange!

I book you in my calendar. Then you have to pay a deposit in cash or make a wire transfer to my bank account no longer than within 5 days following the booking for a tattoo session. The deposit payment is a final confirmation of your booking.

The deposit amount and the transfer title will be agreed over the phone or by email.
Your deposit will be deducted from the total cost of your tattoo. You can postpone or cancel your session no later than 48 hours from the arranged date. Your deposit will be then assigned to the new date or paid back to you. If, however, you postpone or cancel your session less than 48 hours before it, then I’ll keep your deposit to cover my losses arising from your untimely change in my working schedule.

In Warsaw, where I live and do the most of tattoos, you have to wait a couple of weeks between your booking and session.
In Spała, it usually takes a few months, because I come here to do larger and more complex pieces.
If there is a free slot, I let you know on Facebook. So follow me on Facebook, as the first come, first served rule applies.

Usually, this is 10 am to 8 pm, Monday to Friday, but it’s possible to arrange our session on an individual basis. I’m basically too busy on Saturdays (sessions in Spała only).

First of all, please check out my profile to find out what I do and what I don’t. I recommend that you check my personal information and artistic career development site, my works and the remaining stuff. This will definitely prevent you from asking unnecessary questions.
You need to know that I’m is a serious person who likes serious, like-minded people who respect my occupation, my time and their own skin. Please remember that tattoos are for life, and being a tattoo artist is a challenging and responsible job. To some extent it’s a combination of artistic skills with surgical expertise. Tattoo sessions are performed in a totally sterile environment where I take complete responsibility for leaving permanent marks on your skin. Being a tattoo artist is a high-risk occupation. There’s no place for mistakes, which is why tattoos are not cheap.

I do only author’s tattoos. I don‘t copy works of other artists. There are thousands of samey tattoos on the Internet. But hey, isn’t your tattoo supposed to show your personality in some way?

I usually make your tattoo design on a tattooing day, as agreed by email, telephone or during personal consultations. On the tattooing day, we further discuss things and make final arrangements. This is when we can make some final adjustments and design your tattoo as you see it. When a design is agreed, I usually make a FREEHAND drawing on your skin using special markers. This allows making some adjustments on the spot. As there are almost no limitations, we can put together anything we like on your skin and make your tattoo an ideal fit to where you want it. I use tracing paper only when necessary. We can also combine these two techniques by adding some details freehand to the design transferred onto your skin using tracing paper.
I also make designs in various artistic techniques.
All in all, you are in good hands. You’ll leave GEPAS ART&TATTOO with a professionally made, artistic tattoo that will adorn your body for the rest of your life.

It all depends on how you endure pain. Basically, a tattoo is put into in your skin, so you gonna definitely feel it. But how much pain is much? People say this is a rather unpleasant, itchy sensation (though some people claim to like it!).
The pain also depends on the area on your body. You’ll feel a tattoo on your forearm differently than on your back, for example. You just need to deal with it. But if your pain tolerance is rather low, we can make your tattoo sessions shorter.
Your attitude is essential here. It’s good to approach it like something you’ve been waiting for quite a long time and you want it badly, so it has to be a nice and special day for you.

Yes, you can. Your skin can be numbed with numb liquid at the end of a long session when the skin is has taken really much. With the numb liquid applied onto your skin an hour before the end of your session you’ll feel absolutely nothing. However, numbing is charged extra.

Honestly, good tattoos are not cheap. Tattoos are for life. They’ll be with every day in your life. Tattoos are a kind of your statement… Your lifelong satisfaction and a good tattoo should come first, and the money you pay for it should come second. While creating a permanent drawing on your skin, the tattoo artist deals with your blood and body liquids. It’s an increased risk job, so tattoo artists get paid for artistic and surgical tasks.
Tattoo prices start from PLN 150. This is what you pay for the preparation of all the stuff and getting a small tattoo.
There is no limit… Some tattoos take years to complete. If your tattoo requires several sessions, then you pay on session-by-session basis, depending on the time and the amount of work required.

To set a price of your tattoo I need the following information:
– place on your body
– motif (dragon, screwdriver, heart, dog, portrait of George Washington, etc.);
– colours required;
– approximate size in cm.

Without this information, I can’t give you a cost estimate.

Other essential factors include:
– number of sessions;
– time needed to have your tattoo done (including my preparation)

Yes, it is. GEPAS ART&TATTOO studios are under constant sanitary and epidemiological supervision. All accessories I use are disposable. I use only tattoo machines and inks of the world’s best manufacturers. You can always check the best before dates of my tattooing stuff.
Before each session, I always set my equipment in plain view of the customer, so they can check if it is disposable and sterile. The medical waste is collected by a company that provides medical waste collection and recycling services.

– You can’t be under the influence of alcohol or drugs (I reserve the right to refuse tattooing people under the influence, which translates into losing your deposit).
– You must be healthy;
– You can’t be taking antibiotics, steroids, creatine, and drink strong coffee immediately prior or during tattooing;
– You can’t be hung-over (don’t drink alcohol at least 3 days prior to your tattoo session);

Essential stuff to have at home for healing up your tattoo:
– cling film (plastic wrap);
– a roll of precision masking tape or medical sticking plaster;
– paper towels;
– hypoallergenic liquid soap;
– Bepanthen cream (available in your pharmacy) or Easytattoo® tattoo cream (available at GEPAS ART&TATTOO studio or on the Internet).

For your tattoo session, it’s good to have with you:
– something to drink;
– some sweets;
– some food;
– your favourite music + headphones (may be very helpful at the end of your session)
– clothes for changing, if necessary…
– … and good mood!

Once your session is over, I’ll give you all the details. However, your aftercare and the final look of your tattoo will largely depend on you.
In short:
Leave the bandage for up to 3 hours following the session. Then carefully remove the bandage and wash your tattoo thoroughly with cold water and antibacterial, hypoallergenic soap. Once you have washed your tattoo, gently pat it dry with a soft paper towel. Apply a little of Bepanthen or Easytattoo® cream, rub it very gently to leave a thick layer and cover your tattoo with plastic wrap. For the first week, continue to wash and moisturise your tattoo every 4 hours (except for the night).
I recommend covering your tattoo with plastic wrap for the first week.
In the second week, no dressing is required. You should wear clean, loose-fitting clothing. Continue to wash and moisturise your tattoo 4 times a day. In weeks 3-4, wash and moisturise it 2 times a day. After 4 weeks, your tattoo is completely healed up.

During healing up of your tattoo, don’t drink alcohol, take drugs and stimulants elevating blood pressure. Avoid working out, excessive sweating, scratching, rubbing against, and soaking your tattoo (except for washing). Also avoid saunas, steam rooms, and swimming pools.

It depends on how often they were exposed to sunlight. You should always protect your tattoos from direct sunlight. Wear sunscreen or sun blocker (SPF 30+) and moisturise your tattoos with baby oil or skin lotion.

Yes, I do. I take pains to cover up the mistakes of home grown ‘tattoo artists’ who should’ve taken up fitting sewers rather than marking somebody else’s skin. Covering up bad tattoos is a quite complex job. In some cases, it’s impossible to cover up the whole of your old tattoo. Sometimes, you’ll have to have your old tattoo removed in 1-2 laser removal sessions. I can give you contact details of the best tattoo removal specialists. With your laser-removed tattoo, I can cover up the area on your skin more efficiently, leaving you with a new, beautiful, and enjoyable tattoo.